For as long as I can remember my closest companion was longing. A strong and wordless longing. Being creative is my way of exploring where it can take me.

Bringing in a bunch of fresh flowers to replace the faded ones with, choosing the perfect fabric and pattern to create and sew exactly the dress that I want. Getting a new friend while reading a book, secrets, trusts and friendship. Losing myself in music and movies, singing, playing the piano.

Lisa 3.5 years

These are all ways for me to get closer in my search. I find something. Like that time on the shore when I was a child and I found a perfect polished turquoise shard of glass among all the brown ones. And took it in my hand. I search for treasures.

One way for me to express myself is by taking photographs. While taking photographs I’m floating, totally present in time. Through my camera I can turn an abstract feeling to a concrete picture and it’s like stopping time.

When light and shadow meet I can see a magical and timeless calm in which the content of life is written. In my pictures I’m looking for just that. Light and shadow, the beauty of life.

I believe that life’s beauty rests in the silky softness of a petal. The fragile and the strong growing on the same branch. When light passes through a crack in a glass bowl thousands of prisms fills the air, the beauty in the incomplete.

For the last few years I have lived in the city where I grew up, on the plot of my childhood outside Jönköping, Sweden. Me and my family moved there, built ourselves a house and was walking the same paths as when I was a child. It was the same gnarled trees giving us shadow and the magic still remained in the light there.

Many of my photographs are from the surroundings where I lived. The arrangements I created were mostly made of flowers grown in my own garden or the garden of my mother. Now we have moved to Switzerland, Zurich. Maybe changing environments and conditions will affect my pictures. We’ll see about that.